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2019 Rauschenberg Residency #39


high noon gallery



"Nearly ten years ago while crisscrossing the globe on various grants and fellowships, Eleanna chose to depart from painting large-scale canvases to focus on more intimate works that could more easily be created in her “traveling” studio. This change in direction led to a series of otherworldly, three-dimensional pieces made of paper pulp and Hydrocal (a gypsum cement, stronger than traditional plaster), often incorporating pigments, glass, and/or resin. The works are subtly textured and some include repeated protrusions that are at once vegetal, geological, and bodily. They recall ancient objects—Greek and Roman relief fragments—as well as major feats of postwar abstraction, from the earthy materiality of Arte Povera to the mixed media works of Lynda Benglis, Eva Hesse, and Robert Rauschenberg. Alternately created to hang on the wall or rest on the floor, this series intentionally inhabits a middle ground between painting and sculpture speaking to the endurance of antiquity and the fragility of the present."

~Emily Florido, Associate Editor, Gagosian


A Celebration of 50 Years of Women Artists at Kenyon College

Edited by Marcel Hackbardt & Claudia Esslinger


 Stanley Museum of Art, University of Iowa, Lecture, 2019

"Eleanna Anagnos produces art that defies classification and sits uncomfortably between the categories of painting and sculpture. She focuses on the concept of negative space, which was inspired by the artist’s subconscious connection to her mother. At the age of fifteen, Anagnos learned that her mother was able to physically feel her own distress; she experiences somatic disturbances. Living with this inexplicable bond led Anagnos to think about energy surrounding our bodies, concluding that “beings do not end with skin.” She later embarked on an artistic mission to produce work that visually embodies meditative, liminal space."

~Jared Ledesma, Assistant Curator, Des Moines Art Center


Essay excerpt from the catalog created for the

Grant Wood Fellow's Exhibition at CSPS

May 2 - July 7, 2019, Cedar Rapids, IA

5 minute interview at the Grant Wood Art Colony